Virtual Home Tours over the Top Vacation Spots

Virtual Home ToursEven if you can’t afford to vacation here, use your imagination and escape those winter blues by “visiting” these completely over-the-top vacation spots.

Richard Branson’s Necker Island is a private island resort in the British Virgin Islands with 74-acres, a coral reef, chartered submarine and 32-person jacuzzi. With rental rates starting at $42,500 per night, why not stay a week or two?

Or Maybe David Copperfield’s Musha Cay in the Bahamas is more your speed.  Each guest house has it’s own private beach, they fly in rare vintage Champagne and offer a private fireworks display (only $25,000).

If you’re looking for something on the wild side, Cottar’s Homestead is located near the Maasai Mara National Reserve on the border between Tanzania and Kenya.  The staff of eight include a private wildlife driver and wildlife spotter plus a chef.

But if you’re really looking to get away from it ALL, the super yacht, Nirvana, offers you all the comforts of “home” without anyone to bother you except the crew of 26 tending to your every whim. There are even two vivariums populated by water dragons and bearded lizards.

Sweet Dreams!