New Home Build in Hamiltion County

Is there an advantage to using the Epps Elson Team to Represent you? YES

Whether you go through the Guaranteed Sale Program or just want to build a new home. Together we have 20+ years experience in the new home building industry as: V.P. of Sales, sales consultant in model homes and guarantee buy out program for Davis Homes.
There are many factors to consider in building a new home.

They include:

  • Professional Representation to ensure your GOALS and NEEDS are met
  • Knowledge of the Market
  • The right Financial Package
  • Selecting the Right Lot & Improvements to Ensure Good Resale Value
  • Professional Guidance Throughout the Entire Process (Blue Print Review, inspections, Selections Etc.)
  • Negotiation Skills with the Builder
  • Knowledge of Builders and Builders Purchase Agreements
  • Access to previous home sales and Information about Subdivisions, Floor-plans, etc.
  • Thorough understanding of New Home Warranties

New home construction prices are generally based on the builder’s cost plus their profit or markup. Homebuilders have a marketing budget that includes Realtor compensation.

Question… Is there any advantage to NOT using the Epps Elson Team to purchase a new home? NO. There is NOT a financial advantage for you to buy directly from the builder. Builders have a “single-price” policy, meaning you will be charged the same price whether or not your interests are represented by a Realtor. It is important to remember that builders represent themselves; and the Epps Elson Team will represent you.

The Epps Elson Team will assist in making informed decisions that best benefit you and your family.

Things to consider

  • How does the home fit on the lot?
  • Where are easements? How do they affect your home?
  • How do you live in your home?
  • Right selections for added value on resale
  • Why have the home independently inspected?

Let us help you answer these questions and more! For a free consultation call Kevin Elson @ 317-281-2575 or email us