CentennialThe Centennial Neighborhood is located on the west side of Westfield, Indiana. Its home to people of all ages and at different stages of their lives. Centennial is exceptionally landscaped with over 8,000 trees and a common area encompassing over 50 acres. You’ll find walking trails, an apple orchard, and 8 beautiful ponds. The hardworking landscaping committee of the Home Owners Association is regularly honored with awards for the beauty and charm they create with thousands of flowers at all entrances to Centennial.

Centennial sledding hillRecreational amenities at Centennial include one of Hamilton County’s largest swimming pools, complete with swim team. Residents also have a large private dog park, divided into two sections… one for small dogs and one for the bigger guys. With tennis and basketball courts, a snow sledding hill, soccer fields, children’s playground, an ellipse for watching outdoor movies during the summer…Centennial is easily the nicest neighborhood in Westfield.

Centennial is often identified by its large, white New England–style, clapboard church with a tall steeple that reminds you of a bygone era, where the church was the focal point of a community. Until recently, this was the Centennial Bible Church, a vision of Centennials developer, Paul Estridge. It’s been re-named Cornerstone Church and is still non-denominational.

Community events like the annual Centennial Days, Fireworks, Easter Egg Hunt, Garage Sales, Cookies with Santa and individual block parties are what help to make Centennial a truly unique and desirable neighborhood. Everyone looks out for each other here and if you’re a new resident, you can probably count on getting some fresh baked goodies and a lot of “welcomes” from your surrounding neighbors. It’s why people like to call Centennial HOME.



Once in a while, if you’re lucky, you come across a wonderful town like Westfield, Indiana. Turn back the clock, slow down and see why it’s the kind of place that honors its past, nourishes its families, grows strong community members, while still planning wisely for its future.

Located just north of Carmel, Indiana, Westfield, this pleasant little city is nicely situated within an easy 30-40 minute jaunt of Indianapolis, Indiana‘s capital city, and all its sophisticated amenities. Families that live in Westfield get to enjoy all the benefits of Indy …and still come back home to a quiet, semi- rural lifestyle. Homes for sale in Westfield, Indiana seem to run about 10-15% less than their counterparts closer to Indianapolis.

Sports play a huge part of the growth of Westfield. No smokestacks for this town. The economic development growth plan revolves around Grand Park, one of the largest and newest sports complexes in the Midwest. With its hundreds of acres of soccer fields, baseball and softball fields, lacrosse fields and other sports facilities, Grand Park drew almost a half million visitors in 2014 and is projected to draw over 1,500,000 visitors to Westfield in 2015. Westfield is becoming a destination city, and these clean tourist dollars are going to turn roughly 7 times in the local economy.

Westfield is geared to a lifestyle that appreciates recreational opportunities for all ages. With its miles of trails to ride bicycles or walk on, its programs for seniors, organized youth sports… you will be hard pressed to find a nicer place to call home.

Steve Benedict, our team’s expert on Centennial would love to help you find your home.  He can be reached via phone: 317-805-2018 or email.  He has put together the following list of homes currently on the market in Centennial:

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