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residential home salesWhen buying or selling property, you want a real estate professional who is dedicated to providing service that exceeds your expectations when it comes to residential home sales in Carmel and the surrounding areas. The Epps Elson Team consists of professionals who have done just that by earning the trust and respect of area homeowners for more than 35 years. They are the experts in residential home sales in Carmel and are dedicated to helping you realize the American Dream.

Residential home sales are on the rise. The ever increasing population and demand for residential property in Carmel and across the Untied States will continue making the process of buying a property that suits the needs of you and your loved ones that much more competitive.

When we talk about a residential property what we really mean is “your home” and owning your own home whether that be your first home, moving up the property ladder or downsizing always has the potential of being a stressful exercise. But the Epps Elson Team can help remove some of that stress from the process.

Its important to get the correct guidance and know how to make this transition as easy as possible. First, selecting the right property that meets your needs and then overseeing all the associated paperwork, negotiating and related tasks that will inevitably arise when buying your new home. We aim to make this process as streamlined and painless as possible.

Why buy in Carmel
Besides being a great investment in a family-friendly area, there are numerous reasons to buy a residential home in Carmel. Situated 10 miles north of Indianapolis, Carmel boasts “one of the best qualities of life standards in the country.

The schools are renowned, the arts community is vibrant and there are plenty of housing options ranging from new subdivisions to older homes on wide, tree-lined streets with plenty of bicycle lanes.

The city has made a conscious effort to develop an urban downtown to compliment its suburban lifestyle. Carmel’s arts and design district consists of more than 60 art-related businesses. The community’s crown jewel is the $200 million performing arts center, which includes a concert hall.

Outdoor activities are aplenty with the spotlight shining on the Monon Greenway, a trails project that connects Carmel and runs all the way to Indianapolis.

It’s these features set Carmel apart from its neighbor 10 miles to the south and make it a very desirable place to buy a residential home.

For more than three decades, the Epps Elson team has sold more than 800 homes, totaling more than $100 million in the Carmel area. Relationships that have been built are more important than any single transaction.

Here are some beautiful homes in Carmel:

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