saddleProperty in Saddlebrook is set in a beautiful, extensive, community. Located in the quickly expanding city of Carmel, Indiana, each property in Saddlebrook has an open, natural setting, while still exhibiting a luxurious, modern feel. This community is in a prime location, and offers buyers a gorgeous setting in which to buy the perfect home.

Properties in Saddlebrook consist of lovely custom built homes. Each property has open grounds and some are available with surrounding nature trails, wooded areas and water features to suit individual buyer’s needs. All homes in the community are of a high quality and that the community as a whole is elegant, beautiful and cohesive.

Homes for sale in Saddlebrook range from gorgeous traditional American luxury to elegant French style homes. Homes are in beautiful condition, with exquisite detailing and quality that will satisfy the most discerning homeowners. Each home is stunning, spacious and has modern amenities and attractive grounds. Properties in Saddlebrook are great for receiving visitors and entertaining, as each home is expansive, comfortable and happily situated among many other beautiful homes.

The city of Carmel lies within Hamilton County and the properties in Saddlebrook are some of the most sought after real estate in the state of Indiana for a number of reasons. The location of the community is set close to every retail, entertainment, education and medical centers that a homeowner might need. Saddlebrook is also situated a short distance from excellent public schools. It is located between Meridian and Michigan Road in the West Clay area, with easy access to a number of cultural and entertainment centers. It is adjacent to West Park and is surrounded by airports, libraries and various higher education institutions. Due to the excellent location of the community and its surrounding city, as well as its many other assets, property in Saddlebrook is extremely desirable.

The Saddlebrook community blends comfortable, modern living with concern for both the environment and the community’s neighbors. Firm standards and steady upkeep allow for a continuously unified community setting while quality, custom homes provide each buyer with a beautiful, unique home that is individually suited to them. A natural setting and environment-conscious approach to an already outstanding housing community make property in Saddlebrook an even more desirable option. Each property in Saddlebrook reflects the philosophy of a modern, luxurious, convenient, environmentally friendly community. Saddlebrook combines the best of everything, with an attentive devotion to convenience, comfort and natural beauty, as well as what’s best for the environment.

We would love to help you find your next home in Saddlebrook. Email Cathy or Kevin or call 317-281-2575 for more information on Saddlebrook or other properties in Carmel, Indiana. Here are the homes currently on the market in this beautiful subdivision.

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