Curb appeal Carmel IndianaIn real estate, curb appeal is considered the ‘frosting on the cake’ and refers to a home’s overall look from the perspective of a potential buyer when they first look at a property. A buyer notices everything about a home including the general design, age, and condition. Many times, a potential home buyer will even do a ‘drive-by’, whether it’s in person or online in order to narrow down only the most desirable prospects. What does this mean? Curb appeal is extremely important if you want to sell your home, especially when you’re trying to sell it for top dollar.

No Second Chances to Make a Good First Impression

How a home looks on the outside is every bit as important as how it looks on the inside. You know the saying – ‘You can’t judge a book by its cover’? That doesn’t apply to real estate. If your home looks unkempt, tired, and has overgrown landscaping, why would anyone want to look inside? Ideally, the exterior of a home should illustrate pride and also peak the interest of anyone driving by.

Walk across the street and take a good look back at your home objectively. See anything that needs improving? Little things make all the difference like cutting the grass, removing yard debris, planting fresh flowers, painting the front door with a complementary color, or replacing your house numbers with a style that’s more contemporary. Evaluate the facade of your home. A curb appeal assessment can bring a quick sale for top dollar.

Perceived Value

In the mind of a buyer, a well-manicured lawn and appealing landscape say a great deal in terms of value. Even if you can’t replace your front door, you can still inexpensively update it with just a few coats of paint in order to give it new life. Also, landscaping can get quite expensive. So, try planting a variety of big beautiful blooms with some other fresh greenery in two or three large potted plants and place them near the entryway. It’s the attention to details like these that offer the biggest bang for your buck in terms of upgrading the overall curb appeal. While your home is on the market, be sure to keep any weeds pulled, cut the grass, and maintain your deck furniture and other outdoor accessories. Anything that’s broken or needs replaced on the exterior of your home should be addressed before your home goes on the market. Remember, you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

The Attractor Factor

Take a drive through your neighborhood and compare your home to the others on the block. How does yours add up? Curb appeal ignites an emotional connection in a buyer – either good or bad. Highlight your home’s attractive features and downplay the ones that are less appealing. The point is to make your home stand out from the others. That’s what a good curb appeal assessment is all about. The better it looks, the faster it sells, and for more money.

Here are some homes on the market now. Take a look at how they’re applying these curb appeal tips.

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