Did you know that landscape improvements can return from 100 to 200 percent of their cost when your home is sold? Besides adding functionality and curb appeal, your landscaping can be one of the most valuable assets in the turn-around price of your home. Considering the wide variety and appeal of patio, deck and other landscape options, this home improvement area is worth a second look.

What Are Your Options

Enjoying your home while you live in it should be your primary purpose in installing outdoor improvements. Consider changes that will improve the usability and update any options you already have. Some things to consider:landscape

• Lighting
• Trees
• Walkways
• Fencing
• Paver or Concrete Patios
• Raised Decks
• Fire pit
• Pool
• Pond
• Terracing

While many of these options can be done by yourself, a good landscape architect or designer can help you to make the decisions about what is trending, fits in with your neighborhood and geographical area and will give you the best return for your investment. They will help you translate your ideas about land use into practical application.

Decks and Patios

deckIf your home is on an uneven lot, then a deck is going to be the easiest and most convenient way to level the area and make an attractive presentation. Plan on installing an area that is large enough to entertain, grill and have the comfortable furniture you want, around 16 X 20 feet. Modern decking materials are available that can make a deck almost maintenance free. The resale return on a large deck that is well kept up is close to one hundred percent.

On a level lot, or with the addition of terracing, a patio can be a permanent and very handsome addition to the landscaping. Pre-shaped concrete pavers present a cost-effective option and are relatively easy to install. Built in terracing, steps and walkways can help to coordinate your yard. While the return may not be as high on a deck, the benefits in terms of overall long term appeal may outweigh the cost differences.

There are many other options for patio surfacing, including concrete, stamped concrete, stone and patioslate and brick. Consider the age of your home, its style and your related landscaping when deciding on a patio style. Some maintenance issues are worth noting; some styles of patio may require yearly application of sand filler in cracks between stones, bricks or pavers.
The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) recommends investing 10 to 20 percent of your home’s value in your outdoors, if you’re able. They predict you will see up to 28 percent of your house’s value on resale. These are high returns! Patio, deck and landscaping may well be your best investment in your home.