building the dreamAre you planning on building your next home? To do that, most families would have to sell the current house that they are living in. Is that the situation that you are in? If so, we can help.

How We Can Help to Make Your Dreams Come True

While our 35 years of experience matters a lot in this business that is not all that we have to offer. The way that we take care of our clients is also one of the things that we are proud of. We do not work on a per transaction basis. We like to see ourselves as life-long real estate advisers of the people that we help.

Our Guaranteed Sale Program is Different

One of the things that we have done to take care of our clients is to create our Guaranteed Sale Program that is unlike the others that are offered today. We made this program specifically to help homeowners.

The problem with wanting to build your next home is that you would usually have to wait for your current house to be sold before you can begin construction. Selling your home can take a long time. During that period you would have to put off the construction of the new house.

Our guaranteed sale program would allow you to start constructing your new house even before your existing one is sold.

How the Program Works

The aim of our Guaranteed Sale Program is to provide a safety net for you.

We would visit you in your home and after looking at key metrics create a Comparable Market Analysis for your house. When that is done, we discuss with you the list price and guaranteed price for your house. The guaranteed price is the price you would get if no one else purchased your home by the time the new home is finished.  Remember, the goal is NOT to buy your home but to sell it to another buyer before your new home is completed.  98% of the time that is what happens.

So go ahead and start the construction of your new house NOW with the knowledge of the safety net you will get for your current property. There is no way that you can lose.

Here’s a video that helps explain the process and let’s you hear from our happy homeowners in their own words.