scene22Preparing A Home For Sale

Making a decision to buy or sell a home requires much thought, research, and preparation. Staging a home is one of the most effective ways to present a home that looks and feels livable to a potential buyer.

Clear The Clutter
It is no secret that clean homes sell faster than homes that are unappealing or that appear to be unkempt. When homeowners are planning a move, they often have boxes piled up in various corners of the home. This takes up valuable real estate space and makes the home feel small. Maximize valuable real estate space, especially in smaller rooms, by removing oversized furniture and any other unnecessary items that are cluttering up the room or blocking doorways. Staging your home by replacing large furnishings with a few smaller pieces gives the home a clean, open floorplan. This is important because it allows potential buyers to fully imagine what they could do with a particular room. Buyers are more likely to make an offer when they can visualize themselves living in a home.

Spring Cleaning
While in the process of clearing out unwanted items, it is important to take care of some housekeeping items as well. Stained carpeting can be a major sign of neglect and could turn away potential buyers. Properly staging your home may require spot cleaning or a thorough carpet cleaning done by professionals. Appliances, sinks, bathtubs, and toilets should be sparkling clean. Room air fresheners or scented candles can be used to quickly spruce up a stale or musty room before visitors arrive for an appointment or open house. It can also eliminate unpleasant smoke or pet odors.

Curb Appeal
Remember that staging a home affects the entire property. While it is important to make the interior look larger by keeping things clean and simple, the outside of the home must not be neglected. Picking up trash and other debris from the yard, driveway, carport, and other areas surrounding the home gives visitors an idea about what to expect from the inside. Pressure washing the siding, deck, and concrete is an inexpensive investment that has the potential to add significant value to the sale price of a home.