Kevin Elson on his dogs, Sage and Meish:Kevin Elson's Dogs

Sage, the younger of the two German shepherds, oddly enough was bought out of a truck. North of South Bend, IN was where I meet her previous owner half way to make the exchange in May.
I never really know what is going on in her head, but when she gets bored she chases her tail around trying to bite her tail. When she manages to catch her tail, she yelps because she hurt herself. What a silly dog.
Traveling from Germany all the way to Westfield, IN, Meish, the older of my two dogs has come from a line of police dogs originating in Germany. Being not so Germanic any more, she loves to pretty much lay around the house, like most older dogs. Other than that, she enjoys swimming and riding in the boat when I find time to take the whole family out on the lake.