The American Dream is alive and well in Carmel. But that dream could very well turn into a nightmare for homeowners who decide to build without obtaining a house plan.
Basic floorplans from a website or book might provide a road map to building a home, but these plans fall short of providing enough detail to construct a home properly, and perhaps legally. Cutting corners before building could cost the homeowner in the long run.
Cathy Epps, Kevin Elson and their team of knowledgeable and trusted real estate professionals have been helping homeowners buy, sell and build in the Carmel for more than 35 years. The Epps-Elson Team has earned the trust and respect of homeowners throughout the Carmel area because of their professional attitude and willingness to exceed expectations.
Not only does Epps-Elson Team work with future homebuyers and current homeowners who want to sell a property, the team will help you obtain house plans. Their longstanding relationship in the community makes them experts in helping future homeowners understand the process and the many options they face.
Before the first shovel of dirt is turned, homeowners should realize how essential a set of house plans is when building a new home. The plan is the main resource for the project. It is more than just a road map; it contains not only the design of the home, but the concept of the project. By obtaining house plans, the builder should clearly understand how the homeowner visualizes the home when the project is completed.
If the homeowner neglects or just wants to rely on a book or website for house plans, the house’s foundation, framing and structure could be compromised. These blueprints designate floorplans and how every square foot will be utilized. The plan’s importance cannot be overstated when planning and creating how your home will be built.
House plans also help make sure your project stays within your budget.
From a legal standpoint, the house plans ensure that any copyright laws are not being broken or copyright plans are not being used without permission from the person who created them.
In addition to understanding the importance of obtaining a house plan, the Epps-Elson professionals are experts in the following phases of new home building:
* They thoroughly understand the Carmel market;
* They have the knowledge to formulate the correct financial package;
* They understand the importance of selecting the correct lot to ensure good resale value;
* They offer professional guidance throughout the entire process, which includes blueprint review and inspections;
* They will negotiate on your behalf with builders.
The team also has access to information to help you make well-thought out, educated decisions about where to build. In addition, they have a thorough understanding of new home warranties and which ones will serve the homeowner better.
Do not leave any stone unturned when you start looking for house plans in the Carmel area and then decide to build a new home. Ensure yourself that you have the best team working for you. Epps-Elson can help you make the best decisions for your family.