bathroom remodelDue to the added value, appeal, and function, a bathroom renovation is a smart investment for you and your home. Of course, incorporating eco-friendly updates ensures you see a large return on your investment. From reduced water consumption to energy savings, consider these eco-friendly bathroom remodeling options.


In most cases, your bathroom will contain multiple light fixtures. These fixtures can be found over your sinks and vanity area, above your shower and tub, and an additional in the center of your space. To ensure your bathroom is well lit without an excessive amount of energy, choose Energy Star light fixtures. In addition, be sure to use LED bulbs in each fixture. LED lighting offers a more appealing, bright light without an increase in energy consumption. With the installation of LED, Energy Star bulbs, you will reduce your monthly electrical bill and have a more appealing space.


Your tub, sink, and shower head will require new faucets and fixtures, as well. For eco-friendly bathroom remodeling, opt for low flow plumbing fixtures. Replace an old showerhead, sink faucet, and tub faucet with a Watersense fixture. You will see an enormous decrease in your monthly water bill, but also enjoy the new design. Homeowners love the large variety of modern, sleek faucets that offer a lower flow of water for intense water conservation.


While surprising to hear, replacing your toilets with low flush toilets is also a smart option. For most homeowners, replacing toilets is not a priority they contemplate with bathroom remodeling. However, a low flush toilet adds value to your home, uses less water with each flush to benefit the Earth, and decreases your monthly water bill. While replacing your toilet is a larger expense, you will see a large return over many years.


Recycled tile for your flooring, tub and shower surrounds, and back splash add beauty in an environmentally friendly way. Opt for recycled glass tiles for a clean and modern design. Or, choose from recycled stone and pebble for a natural, spa-like feel to your bathroom. Recycled materials for your bathroom ensures your bathroom remodeling experience will be equitable and appealing. Purchasing recycled tile may be more expensive, but it provides a sustainable option for the environment.

A bathroom remodel is a smart choice for homeowners today. From selling their home to enhancing the overall living space, it is easy to see the various benefits. If you are a homeowner considering updates for your bath, you may be overwhelmed by the various choices available. By hiring experienced contractors and using eco-friendly fixtures, updates, and materials, you are guaranteed a large return. Of course, the remodeling process should also be fun, so choose options that appeal to your personality.